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Stores Opening in Canada, YOOZ Globalization Enters New Era

With steady business recovery in the post-COVID era, people's confidence in consumption is growing back. Among various goods, "e-cigarette" is a new commodity that emerged during the pandemic and is becoming very popular among consumers. Its various advantages in terms of technology, fashion, and convenience are the main reasons for its growing popularity among the public. In China, YOOZ, the second largest e-cigarette brand, has become the first choice among the technology-savvy consumers with its simple, fashionable design and diverse choices of exquisite and authentic flavors.

Despite its short history, YOOZ has opened 6000 stores in China and continues to expand at an astonishing rate.

With its recent official announcement of "going abroad", YOOZ, a leading e-cigarette brand from China caught the attention of many reviewers on YouTube. In just one week, influencers reviewing YOOZ devices and pod tastes have received millions of clicks, creating a trend which demonstrates its popularity. Consequently, YOOZ continued its growth and opened the first batch of physical stores in Canada.

YOOZ pays great attention to fashionable looks and sense of technology in product design and experience. YOOZ stores in Canada also adopt the YOOZ style showcased by its futuristic design, simple yet stylish overall store image. With accurate product orientation and fashionable store image, a large number of consumers have been attracted to the stores. YOOZ's first store in Canada, located in the busy downtown shopping district of SM San Lazaro, generated better-than-expected turnover in its first day of opening.

Similar to their counterparts in China, YOOZ stores in Canada have also seen a surge in sales, which in turn created immense satisfaction for YOOZ franchisees. "I am very happy to have made the right decision to join YOOZ." "With such a trustworthy partner, I am very confident in the future of this industry" one of YOOZ's franchise Willy Lim has said.

Cai Yuedong, YOOZ founder and CEO, believes that e-cigarette is one of the best offline business models at present. Especially on a global scale, its consumer demand is enormous. YOOZ will focus on the regions and countries with mass demand as the focus of business distribution so as to achieve continuous growth in overseas markets. YOOZ targets customers who are interested in new technology and willing to try new things. Starting in North America, and specifically in Canada, YOOZ hopes to attract more adult tobacco consumers in the future to switch to safer alternatives. Moreover, YOOZ has recently completed a new round of financing at over 2 billion dollars. New financial input will be used for product research and development as well as to promote YOOZ's global presence.

In addition, in order to better help franchisees in China to open and run their stores, YOOZ provides its rich experiences to assist franchisees in the operation and management of physical stores. Moreover, YOOZ continues to offer subsidy programs suitable for entrepreneurs at different stages which helps solve problems such as store opening, location selection, funding, and financial operations. As a result, YOOZ offline market performed brilliantly opening over a thousand physical stores in one month. Some store owners achieved more than 3 times the monthly sales target and received the first batch of subsidies. Such achievements are not only proof of YOOZ's own strength, but also show that good products and brand are the ultimate decisive factors behind users' choice.

In general, whether in terms of the constant upgrading of products, or store opening, unit area performance, financial return, etc., YOOZ has demonstrated extraordinary strength. If you are interested in YOOZ, please visit our official international website to inquire more about YOOZ's latest information on overseas products and policies on opening your own business.

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